Slam Poetry

Last night I attended my first poetry slam. Despite, or perhaps because of, the prevailing topics of suicide, loss, sexual abuse and gender identity, the room held a warm and welcoming embrace for all. My appreciation goes out to all who participated, who made us laugh, sympathize, and snap our fingers in approval.

NaNoWriMo Play

I considered plunging into NaNoWriMo again this year. I’ve been revising and revising, and I need the mental fuel of creating something new. I’ve completed NaNo twice and am currently into the 15th version of that first completed novel. My third year, I only managed half a novel. I couldn’t quite find the right plot for it.

This year, a day before November 1, my son made a comment that crept into my imagination, and I thought, “There’s a novel there.” But my daughter has been pressing me to write a play for her and her friends…a play which in planning has grown into a musical. So that is my goal for the month. For the last two weeks I’ve been fielding the daily question: “When are you going to start writing the play, Dad?” That day is today. I sat down this morning and started plotting in earnest.

A Good Day

Last night I had a very pleasant boost. I attended a production of of El Dorado, a thoughtful, imaginative play about the life and death of Edgar Allen Poe, written by Grand Junction playwright Shawn Clingman, excellently performed.

When I arrived, a friend brought up a play I’d written years ago, stating he wanted to perform it. I was surprised and asked how he knew about the play, because we’d only ever had a staged reading. It turns out he is acquainted with the author of the novel it was based on. More if that production comes to pass.

After the play, Shawn told me about an upcoming production of one-act plays The Theatre Project would be putting on and wanted me to participate as an author. My daughter had told me about this production, which was advertised as the work of six local playwrights. She told me I should do it, but I told her they’d likely already chosen the six playwrights. Sometimes, it’s nice to be wrong.

So a good day. Twice recognized for my plays. 🙂

RMFW Conference

Last month I attended the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference in Golden. This was the first one I’ve been to. Among the many excellent sessions, I thought Angie Hodapp from Nelson Literary Agency stood out. I was pleasantly surprised to find an article in Writer’s Digest doing a much better than job than I could to sum up her presentation on high concept fiction.

And even better, she’s coming to my town, Grand Junction, in December for a free presentation, MFA in Half a Day: Your Guide to Artful Prose.